Maui, Hawai’i


Lumeria Maui’s 5.6 acre private retreat offers beautiful views of the north shore and central valley. Lumeria Maui is located between the famous historic plantation towns of Paia and Makawao, with easy access to the best beaches and surf breaks on Maui’s north shore as well as a plethora of offsite adventure and learning experiences.
Lumeria was built in 1910 and extensively renovated since that time. It is rich with Hawaiian culture, artifacts, and tropical plants. Lumeria’s onsite restaurant, The Wooden Crate, serves farm-to-table nourishing and delicious meals. This truly is a paradise and a great place to renew, refresh and get centered.

All of this while tapping into YOUR inner wisdom + receiving customized business + personal support from our team.  

Your Investment Includes:

  • One individual strategy session prior to the retreat to discuss expectations & success criteria
  • Group & Individual programming to help you reach your goals
  • 5 nights’ accommodations in either a shared or private room
  • Homemade brunches, dinners + snacks prepared with love


High Level Agenda:

Tuesday: Arrive, Meet & Greet

Wednesday: Sunrise activity; Group programming, Evening wind down

Thursday: Rest & Renew:  Group programming; Free time; Explore

Friday: Sunrise activity; Group & individual programming

Saturday: Sunrise activity; Group & individual programming; Evening activity

Sunday: Closing ceremony; Honoring the work; the land; and the people of Hawai’i


Can you relate to any of these…

  • Tired of feeling stuck?
  • Wishing you could stop overthinking?
  • Done with the grind?
  • Feel more alive and connected in nature?
  • Finally ready to own your own gifts?
  • Ready to action your purpose in a big way?
  • Done with the upheaval and ready to uplevel?

For those of you who are hesitant to invest in yourself, realize that recharging and renewing is a necessity, not something to be viewed as frivolous and extravagant.


    “The guidance and support I received from the team was amazing as I navigated my reasons for attending the Business Breakthrough Retreat. With the perfect balance of time to learn, brainstorm with the group, reflection time and even exploring the area. The support of my fellow attendees, the connections made, the safe space cultivated to be vulnerable and work through what I needed to work through was the magic this retreat offered me. I highly recommend and would do it again!”

    -T.J. Dallas, TX


    Are you ready?

    • Connect to Your Soul Purpose: Have you ever had one of those jobs, or worked with a client where you were thinking, “I really hate this!” Or, have you ever talked to someone where they said one thing, but you knew they just weren’t really into what they were saying. Most likely those folks really weren’t aligned to their business and didn’t connect to it on a soul level. When we are aligned it is much easier to develop a path forward, communicate our value, and connect with our target clients.
    • Clarify Your Value, Offer, and Message: Really being able to communicate your value and own it is the secret sauce to growing your business. However, oftentimes we have so many limiting beliefs and blocks that we are not doing ourselves justice at all. Once you are connected and aligned to your business, you will have clarity around your value. You will realize your unique gifts and how they can be used to propel your business forward, so you can increase sales and impact more people. We will work together to clarify the “Offer,” your programs and packages, and develop clear messaging so you can attract your ideal clients.
    • Develop an “Intentional Action Plan”:   Making money and growing a business shouldn’t be left to chance. Working with intention and taking action is the cornerstone of our approach. By developing this plan, you will know what needs to be done once you leave, so you have the focus you need to grow based on your vision.
    • Build Your “Rock-It” –  Learn how to shield your energy and emotional self from those who do not have your highest and best interest in mind empowering you to rock it: recharge and renew your energy and the energy around your business so it takes less time to do the right tasks that truly take your business to the next level of innovation and success.



      “I went into the march retreat excited, but unsure what to expect. 2022 was a tough year for me personally, and my business reached a halt in terms of upward growth. Over the week , Barbra and her team compassionately lead me and a group of others on a journey of self and business discovery. Barbra and the others reignited in me the passion I have for the industry I serve and saw in me what I don’t always see in myself. Someone who is: – Brave – Courageous – Insightful – Tenacious – Honest – Fun Barb, Liz and the others believed in me when I needed it most. The rest and calmness of the island, and our light activation activities reminded me that I am ok the way I am and I deserve the business I aspire to have!”

      -Kellie Tinnin, New Mexico