Are you ready for a powerful business or Personal breakthrough?



       Breakthrough Retreat

Maui, Hawai’i

 November 4 – November 9 2025


Treat Yourself

New Mexico

Embrace Your Inner Wisdom Retreat

November 1 – 4 2024


 A Customized Experience

After working with hundreds of business owners on both their business and personal goals we realize that a cookie-cutter ‘retreat’ does not serve our clients. That is why we pride ourselves on taking the time to meet with prospective participants (you cannot just add this in your “shopping cart”), ensure that we are clear on their expectations and goals, verify that we can meet and often exceed their expectations; hold a second intensive strategy session one month prior to the retreat date; and fully customize their experience.  We have a combination of individual and group activities honoring each persons preferences and needs.

Some of our participants have specific business goals such as scaling, automating, developing strategy, with an end game of more time freedom.

Some are thinking about leaving a full-time position and want a safe place to test out their ideas, and see if their business is viable.

Others have no business desires at all, they are looking to deepen trust in themselves, their inner wisdom, and recharge and renew after all they have experienced.

Regardless of their initial reasons for joining us, the right people always show up to the experience at the time they need it most.


Barbra and her team put on incredible business retreats. I was fortunate enough to attend back-to-back retreats recently in Hawaii. Barbra and her guest facilitators led our group through teachings, goal visualization, and productive group discussions. I took home some extremely useful tools to use in my personal and professional life. It was truly transformational! The retreats were well organized and seemed to include something for everyone. I highly recommend you check it out for yourself!

Sue Buffington